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Grab yourself a powerful link from Amazon (DA  96) to improve your Google rankings and bring in more visitors to your site.

The SEO industry changes at an extreme pace, every year marketers evolve their strategies and shift their focus. However, backlinks remain just as crucial of a strategy as when they were first created. Currently, backlinks are a very common phase in the world of SEO, and if you are involved in the industry, you know backlinks are vital to a website’s performance.

The Benefits of a Backlink from Amazon

Domain Authority

Amazon have an extremely high Domain Authority (DA) of 96, putting them in the top 10 sites on the entire Internet!
DA 96

Link Indexed

Your Amazon page will be indexed by Google, showing that Google have accepted the page as part of their index.

Google Safe

We are experienced in this field to make sure that your link will be completely safe with the latest Google algorithm changes.

Higher Google Ranking

A link from Amazon can boost the authority of your site and improve your rankings in the Google search engine.

Targeted & Niche Relevant

Your link will be placed on a page relevant to your site.

Refund Policy

While we have been doing this for over 3 years and never seen a link removed, we will refund you if your link is removed inside 100 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

DA is a ranking metric that predicts how well a site will rank. It’s one of the industry standards used when we talk about Search Engine Optimization and ranking on the Search Engines.

DA is measured on a scale of 1 to 100. The closer you are to 100, the more traffic you’re likely to have. A backlink from a site such as Amazon can help to increase your own site’s DA and your ranking in search engines such as Google. This can then result in more traffic.

This doesn’t involve selling anything so you don’t need to have a product. Your link will be posted on a dedicated page with no other outgoing backlinks. This is a very strong dofollow link back to your site.

You can view an example of a link we have created for a previous customer here: https://www.amazon.com/Tsouaq-com-Evaluate-the-best-products/dp/B07S2QXHSV/

The backlink (https://www.vulcanmart.com) can be viewed under ‘Developer Info’, in the bottom-left on a desktop or laptop, as seen at the very bottom-left of this image: https://imgur.com/a/IejLeHR

A new page is created for your order, regardless of topic, but will look similar to the above. This is an excellent service to help improve your backlink profile, climb up the Google rankings, and receive more search engine traffic/visitors.

Simply complete the form below and we will get in touch and discuss things further, also answering any queries you may have.

While we are not Amazon (and therefore of course have no direct say in what they do with their site), we’ve been doing this for over 3 years and not seen a single link taken down.

Yes, this is a one-time payment, so there are no weekly, monthly, or yearly fees.

Customer Reviews

I was apprehensive when the link went live, as my site was currently tanked on the 4th/5th pages of Google, and well, not exactly doing much! Pleasantly surprised when after a few weeks, my rankings started to improve and now hovering around the bottom of page 1 for most of my keywords. Very impressed to say I've done absolute zero other SEO other than this.
Amer Mushtaq
Web Designer
Great work. I didn't want to leave a review immediately, as I wanted to wait and see what effect this had, but pleased to say it certainly helped. It started to help sooner than I expected, but it did take several weeks to reach maximum effect, just for those thinking of going ahead - it's not a quick fix solution, so you'll need to be patient, but it works.

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Do Follow
$ 167 One-time fee
  • 1 Do Follow backlink from Amazon (1 page)
  • Niche related
  • Dedicated page with no other outbound links apart from yours
  • Google indexed
  • Potential to sky-rocket your rankings!

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